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Article 1: NAME

The name for this organization shall be JAG Tunes Music Booster Club.
For brevity sake this organization may be referred to as JAG Tunes.

Article 2: PURPOSE

The purpose of JAG Tunes, organized as a non-profit charitable
organization, is to provide positive and active moral support,
advocacy, and assistance for the benefit of the music students, music
teachers and music department of Emerald Ridge High School. The music
department referenced to includes choir, band, and orchestra and all
sub-groups therein. Our mission includes providing sound financial
assistance for student centered events through fund raising
activities, acceptance of donations, advocacy of school music programs
and support for student-centered events involving music.

JAG Tunes is a student focused, parent controlled organization for the
benefit of our children in music programs and not a part of or
subordinate to; Emerald Ridge High School, the Puyallup School
District, its faculty, administration, nor any other private,
governmental or charitable entity.


The membership of JAG Tunes shall include all parents of current and
future ERHS music department students. They have full voting
privileges in meetings, are able to hold office; elected or appointed,
participate in all events and may act as chaperones for student
centered events. Any chaperone must have an approved volunteer form on
file and renewed annually. JAG Tunes shall be governed by elected
officers. Current students and alumni of Emerald Ridge music programs
may also be voting members of Jag Tunes.


Section 1: Officers shall include a president, a
vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, and such representatives as
the Booster Club shall find necessary. Representatives shall be
comprised of up to two parents from each music department. Elected
student officers from music programs may serve as voting members of
the board and are highly encouraged to attend meetings. These officers
along with the music department teachers shall be known as the Board.
Board positions are strictly voluntary and shall not receive any pay
or compensations. All Board members shall have a current Puyallup
School District Volunteer Application on file to serve[a]. Music
department teacher(s) will be invited to serve in an honorary capacity
but have the right to decline to serve. The service of the designated
teacher(s) is to advise the elected Board and Membership of music
department activities. The teacher(s) will only consent to serve in a
personal capacity and not as an employee or agent of the Puyallup
School District, its superintendent, its employees, or any other
individual or entity.

Section 2: The Board may adopt such rules and regulations for
the conduct of its meetings and the supervision of the organization,
as it may judge proper. A quorum, as defined in Article 9, of the duly
elected officers and members shall act on issues presented by or to
the officers by a majority vote. Dispersion of any funds less than
$250.00 or 10% of the organizations account balance (whichever is
less) may be authorized by a 2/3 majority vote of the board[b]. All
other expenditures or changes to these by-laws shall require a
majority vote by the JAG Tunes general membership.

Section 3: Officers shall be elected by the general membership.
Vacancies may be filled in a pro-tem basis by the board members until
the next general membership meeting.

Section 4: Elections of Board Officers shall occur at the April
general memberships meeting. All officers shall serve for one (1)
year, beginning on July 1st and ending June 30th. Student elections
are done at the discretion of the students.

Section 5: In the event the office of president shall become
vacant, the vice president shall serve the remainder of the term as
acting president. All vacancies in an office shall be filled by the
Board and ratified by the Membership. Any officer may be removed from
office with cause, by a quorum written ballot vote of the JAG Tunes
Music Booster Club members.

Article 5: MEETINGS

Section 1: The first meeting of JAG Tunes shall be for the
purpose of receiving reports from the Officers and for any other
business that may arise. It shall be held prior to the start of the
school year.

Section 2: General meetings of the Booster Club will be held
once a month at ERHS. If meeting days, time or location are changed,
notification will be sent by the secretary via email and posted to the
JAG Tunes Facebook page or other designated social media site.
Meetings shall be open to all interested persons.

Section 3: Special meetings of the Booster Club may be called
at the discretion of the President. Notification of the meeting will
e-mailed and be posted via social media.

Section 4: The officers may conduct business between meeting
dates in order to keep the organization in good standing.

Section 5: The treasurer’s report will be presented to the
general membership at the September meeting.

Section 6: The April meeting will be designated as the election
meeting for the upcoming year.

Section 7: All members present at meetings have voting
privileges. Passage of a motion requires a quorum vote. It is required
that two-thirds of elected officers and at least ten members of the
general membership be present to vote.


Section 1: The President shall: preside at all meetings of JAG
Tunes, appoint all committee chairpersons with the concurrence of the
Board, appoint and/or dissolve all other committees as required, serve
as ex-officio member of all committees, serve as co-signer on the bank
account, assists the music department teachers in carrying out his/her
goals and philosophies, serve as primary spokesperson for the JAG
Tunes Music Booster Club, except as otherwise specified, and oversee
goals and budget performance.

Section 2: The Vice President shall perform all the duties of
the president in his/her absence and other duties as assigned by the
President. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the
coordination of all fundraising committees and grant writing

Section 3: The Treasurer shall take care of all funds and
assets and pay out all monies, keep books and accounts of receipts,
keep records of expenditures of funds, provide financial statements at
each meeting, deposit all money received in an account in the name of
the JAG Tunes Music Booster Club, obtain board approval for all
unbudgeted expenditures, establish an annual budget to be approved by
the board at the August meeting, arrange for an informal audit of the
books at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th) by the Audit
Committee, and maintain all forms necessary for taxation purposes.

Section 4: The Secretary shall: keep a record of all the
proceedings of the general membership meetings and attendance of the
JAG Tunes Music Booster Club, keep a record of the decisions of the
Board, conduct the official correspondence of the Club and maintain a
file for all such correspondence, maintain and update as required the
student and parent email distribution lists, keep membership informed
of activities via email messages as required.

Section 5: Other representatives and committees may be formed
as needed and designated by the Board as required. Each designee may
be specific to choir, band, orchestra, or subgroup therein. They may
include, but are not limited to:

    • Head Chaperone. One who coordinates itinerary with various
      departments within the music department on tours and is aware of all
      time schedules, prepares for emergencies, manages telephone lists of
      all travelers and guardians, and other duties as assigned.
    • Transportation Chairperson. One who coordinates all travel and
      itineraries on tours; supervises loading and unloading at locations,
      responsible for equipment maintenance, performance set-up and
      tear-down components, and other duties as assigned.
    • Uniform Chairperson. One who is responsible for uniforms, extra
      uniform parts and accessories, and arranging the cleaning of uniforms.
    • Choir Representative(s), Band Representative(s), Orchestra
      Representative(s). Persons appointed by the Board who are willing to
      serve as a point of contact for their respective music departments in
      all matters related to JAG Tunes. They may also serve as advisors to
      the elected student leaders from respective groups on issues as

Audit Committee. Committee of three persons appointed by the
President, and approved by the general membership and may include one
non-member. It shall be the duty of the committee to audit financial
records prior to the August meeting and to report their findings to
the first full membership meeting.

  • Nominating Committee. Committee of three persons appointed by the
    President from the Membership. The committee is to prepare and submit
    to the Membership at the April meeting, the names of one or more
    persons who are qualified and willing to serve in each office of JAG
    Tunes. Further nominations shall be permitted from the Membership.


Article 7: FUNDS

Section 1: The JAG Tunes Music Booster Club will raise funds
through various fund raising activities. The Board shall establish
guidelines for the acceptance of gifts and fund raising activities.
All monies raised for Jag tunes shall remain the property of the JAG
Tunes Music Booster Club.

Section 2: Funds will be dispersed as required to support the
general welfare of music program, student centered group activities,
events, tours, wardrobe requirements or other items identified by the
board. Money will be allocated equitably amongst the departments and
disbursed only by a majority vote of the general membership.

Section 3: All unbudgeted requests for money must be presented
to the general membership for approval. Withdrawal of budgeted and
non-budgeted funds from JAG Tunes’ account shall be made only at the
direction of the Board, and shall require the signatures of the
Treasurer and any one of the following: President, Vice-President or

Section 4: The Board shall present the proposed fiscal year
budget at the general membership meeting in April for approval by
membership. The board shall encourage the music departments to submit
projected budget requests for the following school year in writing
prior to the April meeting. The board shall set aside funds for any
unexpected requests that may arise as well as fund recurring budget

Article 8: FISCAL YEAR

The fiscal year for JAG Tunes shall begin on July 1st of each year and
end on June 30th.

Article 9: QUORUM

Two-thirds of elected officers and at least ten members of the general
membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
Members must be present to vote.


Upon dissolution of the JAG Tune Music Booster Club, all funds on hand
after payment of all legal obligations, shall be distributed to a
charity of a like kind as determined by the general membership.


All situations not covered by the by-laws shall be dealt with by the

Article 12: AMENDMENTS

The by-laws shall be reviewed annually by the Board. Any changes will
be ratified after a full review and approval by the general


These by-laws were reviewed and last approved by the general membership
effective 10 September 2013.


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