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About JagTunes

The JagTunes organization is a booster club to facilitate and advance music education at Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup, Washington. The booster club is equally committed to band, orchestra, and choir needs.

We are an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations to the JagTunes organization may be tax deductible. (Check with your tax professional for details.)

We were founded in the Fall of 2012. Our voting membership is anyone that supports past, present, and future students. You will never be charged dues to be a member.

To date we have raised over $41,000 in donations, earnings, and grant funds. We have achieved this by hosting great events like the Annual March Madness Dessert Auction, two dinner auctions, a Fun Run, and an Acapella Summit.

Our efforts have offset the costs of clinics at the University of British Columbia, University of Washington and other top notch institutions.

We have purchased new uniforms, a rare, hand-made African djembe drum, covered our teachers’ incidental expenses at the beginning of the year and defrayed the cost per student for field trips all over the Northwest.

Due to our 2015 fundraising and a grant from the Silver Family Foundation, we are able to outfit the six practice rooms with the latest technology and music software for the benefit of all our budding musicians. This project has been a focus since our inception and we are extremely proud that we were able to complete it in the fall of 2015.  The fundraising in 2016 allowed JagTunes to donate funds for a multi-track digital recording system.  It will allow the staff to record up to sixteen (16) individual students while they perform within the group. This will allow staff to better assess their students using a real performance/concert environment versus pulling each student aside individually. What a time saver and teaching/learning opportunity this will be!

Please consider joining us in our mission! Your time as volunteers or monetary donations are desperately needed for us to be a success. For only a few hours (or few dollars) a month you can make Emerald Ridge music programs the very best in Washington State!

If you want more information about this organization, or if you wish to help in some way, please contact us at

If you want to help us to fund ERHS music programs, please donate to them by clicking the button below. With this, you can set up and manage a “subscription” that periodically sends a donation to JagTunes automatically. It can be any amount. This is a great way to help! Click our Donate button over on the right side of this page.

2017 – 2018 Executive Board

  • President: Julie Stout
  • Vice President:  Kelli Perfect
  • Treasurer:  Deanna Rink
  • Secretary: vacant–email if interested!!


If you are interested in reading our bylaws, as adopted by the Board of Directors, you may find them here.

Contact Us

You can email us at or use the form below:

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